Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Maintaining users’ trust and privacy is our top priority at PrimeNewsly. We deploy state-of-the-art tools and technologies to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing the data our users share.  

The nature of the information collects

PrimeNewsly does not force users to share personal information to access our headlines, columns, and stories. Whenever users wish to join our platform, we collect certain details to identify our users. The information we collect includes users’ names, phone numbers, email IDs, and preferences. We may ask users to share important details if they own a business or a brand to promote their products.  

Our website uses cookies to collect important details. may also collect essential information about non-registered users to improve our services. 

We have used an advanced web infrastructure to build It helps us in delivering the latest news with relevant images, engaging text, links, videos, and other important elements.

PrimeNewsly also publishes images, products, services, price, and links with several stories to share information related different products and services. Those stories are shared only to keep readers informed about the latest products and offers.

It is users’ responsibility to communicate with third-party platforms and reveal more information abut products. We neither control nor decide what information third-party websites share to impress buyers. It is the user’s decision if he/she decides to buy the product. You cannot hold us responsible if any losses or damages occurred due to using third-party websites and their products or services.

Industry’s top professionals have designed our server logs to gather details, including the user’s IP address, browser type, language preferences, and the time of visit. The collected data helps us in providing a better user experience to our regular readers. may allocate one or more cookies to users’ devices to gather information that allows us to offer uninterrupted access to news published on this site. We may also use cookies to deliver a more personalized news viewing experience. does not share the data collected from the users. We allow third-party ad networks to display their ads on our web pages. Those ad agencies can use cookies to access the user’s device information and show more useful ads. 

We cannot control who views comments and posts shared by users. Our platform does not have any control over how other users view and use information you may share with them. We strictly prohibit our users from sharing sensitive information to protect their privacy and other interests. 

Usage of information may use the collected information to:

  • Share information related to topics and services they find important and interesting. It is our goal to offer a more personalized news reading experience. It won’t be possible if we do not collect information regarding users’ likes and dislikes and topics they find engaging. 
  • Improve the features and functionality of our news portal. Our team is committed to recognising and preventing unethical and suspicious practices. Therefore, we can use the gathered information to keep suspicious users away. 

Do we share users’ information?

We do not share details our users share unless it is necessary to deliver better solutions. We may inform registered users and give them a chance to opt-out if we will share the information. We may share non-personal information to analyze statistics related to ad preferences. 

What can PrimeNewsly users do?

Our users can customize the web browser settings to reject cookies. You can also deny cookies for several ad servers to avoid unwanted ads. We recommend visiting the Network Advertising Initiative gateway to find unimportant cookies and reject them. 

How do we use information shared by our users? publishes facts in the form of engaging news stories. Our web pages may contain ads related to things users find interesting. The non-personal information collected from the user is used to deliver a better ad viewing experience. Ad publishing platforms can use the required details to assess your needs and provide better suggestions through ads. 

We are using highly reliable electronic, physical, and security tools to protect registered readers’ sensitive information. Unauthorized parties can never access, disclose, or alter the information users share.’s privacy policy may change and those changes may display how our practices and services have changed. 

CCPA Privacy Policy (No Selling My Personal Information)

Under the CCPA, among other rights, California consumers have the right to:

Ask a business that collects consumer personal data to publish its categories and specific data. Request that a business remove consumer data. Ask a company that sells customer data to stop. We have one month to react to requests. Contact us to exercise these rights.

GDPR Data Privacy Policy 

We want you to know your data protection rights. Each user is allowed to:

The right to access Request copies of your personal data. A modest cost may apply for this service.

The right to rectification—you can ask us to amend erroneous information. You can also ask us to complete incomplete information.

Right to erase – You can ask us to delete your data under specific conditions.

Under some conditions, you can request that we restrict our processing of your personal data. You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data under specific conditions.

Data portability - Under certain conditions, you can request that we transfer our gathered data to another organization or to you.

We have one month to react to requests. Contact us to exercise these rights. 

Children’s Information

We also prioritize internet safety for kids. We recommend parents and guardians observe, participate in, and/or guide their online activity.

PrimeNewsly does not intentionally collect PII from children under 13. We urge you to contact us immediately if you believe your child provided this information on our website. We will work to delete it from our database.

Contact us

Whether users have queries regarding our information practices or Privacy Policy, they should contact us immediately. You can easily access our contact details through the Contact Us page to reach us and share your questions.