Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions 


PrimeNewsly.com manages all the essential operations related to this website. Terms, including we, us, and our refer to PrimeNewsly on this news publishing platform. PrimeNewsly provides this website with fresh content, tools, and services available to all users. Users agree that they will follow the terms & conditions (T&C), notes, and policies published on this page.  

Users, who access this website through mobile, tablet, or computer, agree to follow all the described terms and conditions. We consistently publish important news stories on primenewsly.com. Users consent to follow the terms and conditions explained on this page along with additional T&C made available through hyperlinks. Those terms apply to all website users, including contributors, vendors, readers, and customers.  

We recommend users read all terms and conditions carefully to avoid disputes and issues in future. You are bound by the explained terms and conditions as long as you use our website. You should leave this website immediately if you cannot follow our terms and conditions. 

All the news stories, columns, articles, and blogs published on this website are subjected to the terms and conditions we have described on this page. We recommend checking our T&C regularly to get familiar the latest terms and conditions of using PrimeNewsly.com. 

General Conditions 

PrimeNewsly.com can refuse to service and entertain content-related requests of any user without explaining reasons. Users should be aware that their data (not including credit card data) can be shared in unencrypted form. We may do it to transfer the data through several networks or to meet certain technical demands of connected devices and networks. We use the safest data sharing techniques when it comes to sharing credit card information. 

We prohibit PrimeNewsly.com users from duplicating, reproducing, copying, exploiting, selling, or reselling content from published news stories, blogs, and articles. Users can never use contact details and other information published on this website without our consent. 

This Terms and Conditions agreement uses several headings to explain important terms in simpler way. Those headings and subheadings do not affect or limit the T&C described under them. 

Timeliness, Completeness, and Accuracy of the Published Information

In case some stories contain noncurrent, incomplete, or inaccurate information, news readers and website visitors cannot hold us liable for the flaw. We publish news stories to describe incidents that add value to readers’ lives. We aim to educate our readers and share facts based on other trustworthy sources. 

Readers should not solely rely on the information shared in published news to make crucial decisions. You may find historical information on this website, which may or may not be completely accurate. We use historical details only for reference and we can modify the published information without notifying readers. 

Third-Party Links

There may be many posts and stories containing hyperlinks that lead users to third-party websites. Those Websites may not be controled by PrimeNewsly. It is not our duty to examine the accuracy of content published on those web portals. It is not our liability if third-party links lead users to websites with inaccurate content. 

You should cautiously explore third-party platforms that you reach by clicking on hyperlinks. We will not be liable if any harm or losses occurred due to content, product, resources, and services provided on those websites. First check the disclaimers, terms & conditions, and privacy policy of third-party websites before you use their products, services, and information. 

User Comments, Submissions, and Feedback

PrimeNewsly.com users can share news stories, content ideas, blogs, and other content they wish to get online. They agree that we can edit, improve, share, translate, publish, distribute, or use the shared information without any restrictions or limitations. 

Users allow us to use any comments or messages shared with us. They should share information wisely and we decide comments and messages we make or not make public. 

Users cannot force us to edit, monitor, or remove content from our web pages. Those actions will be taken only if our content management team finds comments or messages offensive, unlawful, defamatory, libellous, pornographic, or objectionable. 

All our users consent to never publish any information that violates other entities’ rights. It includes trademark, copyright, privacy, and digital property rights. We strictly prohibit news readers and visitors from publishing comments that contain sexual, abusive, indecent, and unlawful material. 

Users should never use a false email address to join our platform. False names and misleading information are strictly prohibited on this website. Users are solely responsible if they publish harmful comments. You cannot hold us liable for bad replies made by other users.  

Personal Information 

Our Privacy Policy describes the terms and conditions that govern personal information shared by users. 

Errors, Inaccuracies, and Omissions

There may be inaccuracies, typographical errors, and other kinds of errors in the published content. The PrimeNewsly team will spot and correct those errors as soon as those inaccuracies come into our view. Users can inform us about errors and our team will reassess the published story to correct errors. 

We are not obliged to change, update, or clarify the content we publish on this website. Do not expect a specific date or timeframe rectify errors you have spotted and shared with us. Readers should not consider the provided information inaccurate or unreliable if there are typographical errors. 

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties 

PrimeNewsly does not warrant, represent, or guarantee the services we offer will be timely, uninterrupted, flawless, and secure. Users may not experience the claimed results described in certain stories published on this website. 

You agree that we can terminate operations and services for an unspecified period without sending any notification, email, or message. You consent to not hold us liable if certain pages of this website are not loading.  

Our team does online research to find trustworthy facts and present them as news stories. Users should authenticate information published in news stories to reveal facts behind incidents. 


All users must consider it severed from the described terms and conditions if they find any of the published terms and conditions unlawful, unenforceable, or void. Those occurrences will not affect the enforceability and validity of other terms and conditions published on this page. 

Entire Agreement 

We may not successfully enforce or exercise certain rights or provisions, but PrimeNewsly.com users should never presume it a renunciation of those rights or provisions. The published terms and conditions, rules, and policies substantiate the agreement. It assures PrimeNewsly and users agree that they will access and use our services according to the described terms and conditions. 

Users cannot hold the drafting party responsible for an inaccurate explanation of the Terms and Conditions. 

Governing Law

The terms and conditions, and other agreements we have described on this page are governed by the laws of Ghaziabad (UP).  

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Users should check PrimeNewsly.com’s Terms and Conditions page frequently to stay updated with changes made to our Terms and Conditions. 

We can change, update, or thoroughly replace a specific part or all the Terms and Conditions published on this page without notifying registered or non-registered users. 

Contact Information

You can send your concerns and questions related to PrimeNewsly.com’s Terms and Conditions to info@primenewsly.com