Top 7 Game-Changer Cricket Players in the ICC World Cup 2023

Never Underestimate These 7 Cricket Players in the ICC World Cup 2023, Top 5 matches of the each plyer in 2023, and much more...

Top 7 Game-Changer Cricket Players in the ICC World Cup 2023

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Feature of the story

  • Find out cricketers, who are in the top form and capable of winning 2023 World Cup matches for their teams.
  • Find out how Virat Kohli is going to secure victories for Team India in World Cup matches.
  • Learn about the bowler, who can easily destroy the top batting order of the best cricket teams in the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023.

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    • How Does Kohli Perform in Big Matches?
    • Virat Kohli Performance in ODIs in 2023
  • 3
    • How Does Gill Perform in Big Matches?
    • Shubman Gill Performance in ODIs in 2023
  • 4
    • How Does Hardik Perform in Big Matches
    • Hardik Pandya Performance in ODIs in 2023
  • 5
    • How Does Buttler Perform in Big Matches?
    • Jos Buttler Performance in ODIs in 2023
  • 6
    • How Does Warner Perform in Big Matches?
    • David Warner Performance in ODIs in 2023
  • 7
    • How Does Shaheen Afridi Perform in Big Matches?
    • Shaheen Afridi Performance in ODIs in 2023
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    • How Does Markram Perform in Big Matches?
    • Aiden Markram Performance in ODIs in 2023
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    • Q: When will Team India play its first match in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023?
    • Q: Which player may not be a part of India’s opening match in the World Cup?
    • Q: Who can replace Shubman Gill if he does not get fit for the World Cup 2023 matches?
    • Q: How many World Cups did Team India has win?
    • Q: Which players might not play in the next ODI World Cup?
    • Q: Is Rishabh Pant a part of Team India’s World Cup squad?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 began on 5th October 2023 and the first match demonstrated that you can’t take any team lightly. There were favorites before the start of the tournament, but it should not take too long for the equations to change. Any team can win on any given day, but some cricketers can snatch the win from the jaw of defeat on their own. 

Who are those cricketers who can single-handedly break the backbone of opponent teams? What makes those players so special and how do they make the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup more entertaining? Let’s find out! 

7 Best Game-Changer Cricket Players in ICC World Cup 2023

The following 7 cricketers got what it takes to single-handedly turn things in the team’s favor:

Virat Kohli

The 34-year-old former Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the world. He has many jaw-dropping records and memorable performances that make opponent teams worry. Every opponent of the Indian cricket team makes it their top priority to get Kohli Out. They often wait for hours to make that happen!

India has a perfect squad to beat the top teams in the ODI World Cup 2023. The Indian batting order is as good as it can be and it can destroy any bowling lineup. Virat Kohli stands tall as the backbone of that batting lineup. 

Experts call him a Big Match Player because he always performs when the team needs a great knock. He has scored 1030 runs in the World Cup tournament. Kohli scored 2 centuries and 6 half centuries in the mega event.

He scored the most runs in the 2022 T-20 World Cup and his 82 (53) run inning against Pakistan is probably the most memorable one. Kohli turned the game in India’s favour and won it against the biggest rival of Team India.

  • Kohli began 2023 with a bang by scoring two centuries in the ODI series against Sri Lanka. He played memorable innings of 113 (87) and 166 (110) runs in the first and third ODIs.

  • He scored a half century in the third ODI against Australia in the IND vs. AUS ODI series.
  • Virat scored 122 runs on 94 balls against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023 tournament. His partnership with KL Rahul helped India score 356 runs for 2 wickets in 50 overs.
  • He scored 56 runs for 61 balls against Australia in an ODI series right before the World Cup.

Shubman Gill

The calm, smart, and dashing Indian cricket team opener, Shubman Gill, has emerged as a reliable batter for the team. He has been performing consistently in One-Day International matches and helped Team India win many important games. 

Gill is only 24 years old and he bats like a fearless batter. He got a whole range of shots and he can play perfectly according to the situation. Shubman can play calmly until the batter on the other end is wreaking havoc on the opponent team’s bowlers. He got the ability to instantly switch gears and boost the run rate by hitting consistent sixes and fours. 

Being a reliable opener, Shubman Gill has scored 6 centuries, 1 double-century, and 9 fifties in the ODI format. It is his first ODI World Cup and he can make any chase a piece of cake by scoring rapidly against any opponent.

  • Gill began the year by scoring 112 runs on 74 balls against New Zealand.
  • He played a tough inning against West Indies in August in which he scored 85 runs for Team India.
  • His performance against Pakistan in the Asia cup was pretty impressive, especially against Pakistani pacers.
  • Gill scored another ODI century against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup. The team could not win but Shubman emerged as a reliable opener.
  • He scored another century against Australia in a bilateral series. It strengthened his position as an opener in this world cup.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is India’s top all-rounder player. He is an excellent fielder, a reliable medium-pacer, and a fierce batter. He has been providing strength to the Indian batting and bowling lineups for many years. Pandya honed his batting and bowling skills over the years and became an integral part of the Indian Cricket Team. 

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup was Hardik’s debut ODI World Cup and he performed decently in that event. Fans are expecting a much better performance from the Indian all-rounder in the 2023 World Cup. He provides much-needed strength in the batting middle order and his bowling can be the X-factor the team needs to beat the toughest opponents. 

Be it the Championship Trophy knock against Pakistan or the thrilling last over against Bangladesh, Hardik has performed confidently. He believes in his skills and often finds ways to win the game for his teams.

Pandya performed pretty well as the captain of his franchise and the Indian T20 team in 2023. However, his performance in ODIs has not been that appealing to reveal. He took Sri Lanka’s 3 wickets for 3 runs in the Asia Cup final. That reveals how skilled bowler Pandya is. He could have scored several fifties or centuries if his batting order was a bit up!

jos buttler

Joseph Charles Buttle is one of the most admired batters in both T-20 and ODI formats. He was part of England’s 2019 World Cup winning squad and secured the victory for England in the super over of the final match. Jos may look like a pretty composed batter, but he has a unique ability to score at a much faster rate. 

Jos Buttler is captaining the England Cricket Team in the 2023 Men’s ODI World Cup. The first match did not go in his team’s way, but Buttler performed pretty well. He has played numerous T-20 and ODI matches in India. Therefore, he knows Indian pitches pretty well. That will help Buttler and his team in overcoming many obstacles the opponent teams may create to snatch a victory. 

Buttler has played a vital role in turning the present England squad into one of the most formidable opponents for any team in this World Cup. He is one of four English batsmen who scored centuries in all formats of the game. That game-changing run-out in the World Cup final helped his team secure the trophy.

  • Buttler has played 10 one-day international matches in 2023 and scored 548 runs.

  • He scored one memorable century against South Africa and 3 half-centuries.
  • Buttler was batting great in the opening match of the World Cup, but got out and the team faced consequences.

David Warner

Although Warner is not as aggressive and competitive as he used to be during the dawn of his career, he is still an aggressive batter. He has won many important One-Day International matches for the Aussie squad. Fans expect him to deliver more enjoyable performances in the Men’s ODI World Cup 2023. 

David Warner is a reliable opener and a skilled fielder. He caught some of the best catches cricket fans have witnessed till now. The Australian Cricket Team would be hoping to see the old David Warner in the old form. The team can rely on him to win the most important matches in this tournament. 

David Warner is the only player, who has played more than one 150+ runs inning in a World Cup tournament. He was the 2nd highest run getter in 2019 and he performed pretty well in other formats as well.

  • Warner is in a great form in 2023. He scored a great century against South Africa and helped Australia win the match.

  • He scored another fast half-century against RSA in the next match to offer a perfect opening.
  • David scored 52, 53, and 56 runs consistently against India in the most recent series to showcase his true form and batting skills.

Shaheen Afridi

There are a few cricket players in the Pakistan Cricket Team, who scare opponents like no other players. Shaheen Shah Afridi is topping that list. The Pakistani pacer is taking the legacy of Pakistani swing bowlers forward by performing exceptionally well in major tournaments. 

He can bowl at 145+ km/h speed consistently and swing the cricket bowl at his will. Opponent batsmen always focus whenever Shaheen is bowling. He can easily snatch their wickets if the condition supports bowlers.

Be it England, West Indies, or India, Afridi has delivered crippling blows whenever he played against big teams. He took wickets of the both Indian Openers in the 2021 World Cup tournament and then sent Kohli back to pavilion in the death over to help Pakistan secure its first World Cup victory against Team India.

  • Afridi took 4 wickets against Team India in the Asia Cup group match, but the match was abandoned due to rain.

  • He took 2 wickets against Afghanistan in a match played in August to show he is still in the form.
  • The Pakistani Pacer may deliver the best performance of the year in the World Cup if he is fit and conditions suit his bowling style.

Aiden Markram

It might be Aiden Markram, who may finally break the curse and help South Africa win the Men’s ODI World Cup. He is the captain of the South African cricket team and hoping to get the best out of each player in this tournament. Markram is an explosive batter and an admirable spinner. 

Being a South African cricketer, Markram is among the best fielders to watch in World Cup 2023. Temba Bavuma is leading the South African cricket team in this World Cup, but all the fans wish to watch Markram bat. He can score rapidly when he is in form. Opponents may find it tough to keep the RSA cricket team score down if it is Aiden Markram’s day. 

His statistics in the World Cup tournament may not be that impressive, but Markram is a talented batter and bowler. He scored the 6th highest maiden century (175 runs) in One-Day international. The ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 might be the tournament in which Aiden Markram may play several thrilling innings.

  • Markram scored 49 runs against Australia in only 38 balls to show his preparedness for the big tournament.

  • He scored 93 runs for 87 balls against the Aussies and established himself as a respected batter before the World Cup.
  • His 102 (74) runs inning in September against Australia is a proof that Markram is ready to take on any bowling lineup in this World Cup.
  • 3 50-over World Cup events have been organized in the Indian subcontinent, but India is the lone host for the 2023 World Cup. 
  • Team India is hosting the World Cup and it is the best contender for winning this tournament because host nations have secured the trophy in recent World Cups. 
  • New Zealand’s Rachin Ravindra became the first debutant World Cup cricketer to score a century in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. 
  • The 2023 Cricket World Cup trophy is a special prize because it weighs 11 kg and is made of pure gold and silver. 
  • The BCCI has reported that the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 will generate at least $533.29 million in revenue. The actual figures might get much higher. 
  • The Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad Gujarat will be at its full capacity during the India vs. Pakistan match. 
  • 1,32,000 spectators will watch the IND vs. Pak ODI World Cup match in the stadium and crores more will watch it live on their smartphones, PCs, and TV screens. 
  • Disney Plus Hotstar got the OTT rights for the World Cup 2023 tournaments. It spent billions of dollars to secure the rights. 
  • This World Cup tournament will generate $2.6 billion in revenue for India, which is a staggering figure. It will inject immense cash into the Indian Economy. 
  • Australia and England are the top contenders for winning the World Cup 2023 after Team India. Teams like Pakistan and New Zealand can also surprise cricket fans. 

A: Team India will play its first ODI World Cup 2023 match on Sunday, 8 October. 

A: Shubman Gill might miss the first match because of his health issues. He is suffering from Dengue. 

A: KL Rahul or Ishan Kishan might replace Shubman Gill as an opener if he does not recover quickly. 

A: The Indian Cricket Team has won 3 world cups. The 2023 ODI World Cup will be the fourth World Cup if the Indian Team wins it. 

A: Rohit Sharma, R. Ashwin, Mohammad Shami, Yuzvendra Chahal and might not be fit for the next World Cup. 

A: Pant is still not fit to play cricket. Therefore, he is not a part of Team India’s World Cup Squad. 


The 2023 Cricket World Cup is going to be a memorable event for cricket fans because this tournament will present the top performer team in ODI cricket. Team India got the most game changers and benched players have also performed well. Therefore, fans expect Team India to secure the 2023 World Cup Trophy. 

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